A tidy and functional space is a space
you enjoy living in




  • Space structure and organization are my specialty. I can help you save time for yourself, your family and your staff; quality time you can spend doing things you enjoy.

  • You must only do one thing: Tell me what makes your life difficult, what you absolutely need to keep as is and what you would like to change. My job is to ensure you end up with the order and aesthetics that best suit you.

We are all unique…

and so are our preferences and priorities!

I organize and equip personal and professional spaces.

Houses, apartments and
vacation homes


Personal offices

Internal and external storage spaces

Lack of ergonomics and functionality make organizing stuff hard, joyless, work that requires more of our time and compromises the quality of our everyday life.

One of the things I am very good at is finding and applying the solutions that fit your own space and lifestyle, putting your personal needs, your things, your whims and pet peeves into the equation. Naturally, with the utmost discretion.



Other things I can do for you:

  • De-clutter your stuff, by category and space, selecting items that can be donated and organizing their transport to wherever they are needed.

  • Evaluate the system you already have for inventorying and indexing in each space.

  • Configure, select and install new systems and filing/organizing tools & material.

  • Take on the project of inventorying, indexing, filing and placing items in any given space.

  • Create an inventory of your stuff with the appropriate signage that makes finding things a piece of cake.
  • Organize project schedules based on your staff’s characteristics, skills and working hours.


  • Supervise maintenance, remodelling and other work in personal and professional spaces.


  • Collect and present cost estimates and price offers from third parties, such as maintenance/technical crews.


  • De-clutter pre and post a move: Photo inventory, before the move and in storage, creation of checklist.