“The final result 

is truly enviable!”



Structuring &



''KV has changed my life, my attitude and approach to organizing myself. A caring, trustworthy, loyal, inventive and talented person, she set up a personal organizational system that accommodates my needs and evolves with me. I am grateful to KV for educating me with her principles. KV has taught me how to appreciate and value the things around me. Working with her has instilled positive energy into my life, granted me appreciation for everything around me and has made life easier by delivering good order where most needed. Such organization has liberated precious time that can now be deployed in a more productive and efficient way - I recommend her service to anyone in need of a makeover in their organization, routine and task management.''

Marianna F.
"KV helped me make my house better than I ever imagined it could be. She helped me meet my own aesthetic and practical needs to an extent far beyond what I expected. Most times she knew the solution to each problem and, even when she didn’t, she had the means to quickly find it. An exceptional professional and consultant, at home with tools and DIY! I have regretted the very few times I did not heed her advice. The end-result is, however, truly enviable!”

"I have worked with KV on several occasions, always with the aim to create order out of the chaos that rules in my home. Mostly she helps me with her filing methodology which, for an ageing bachelor, means quality of life. Aim aside, she also painted one of my walls very artistically and planted a tree on my balcony. These interventions were made with KV’s signature courtesy, great smile and precious methodical thinking and work. Thank you!”

"The Oasis feeling. Undoubtedly, our life is characterised by chaos, whether it is the long hours we spend at the ever increasing complex and demanding working environment or the painful association with public authorities, or looking for a 10 year old medical report among useful but in most cases useless documents which we all tend to accumulate over the years. Can home be an oasis in this chaotic world? KV has managed, through her long experience, deep knowledge and understanding of harmony and love for her work, to deliver this “oasis” feeling. It is one thing to be able to live in an organised environment which will ensure that you make the most optimum use of time but it is another thing to live in a visually harmoniously arranged environment. KV has managed to marry the two, seamlessly and effectively, fully removing away the stress as well as the time needed in order to address those issues. I feel very privileged to have had this experience, living in different homes and in different countries, where this “oasis” feeling is the main theme. Thank you KV for having brought balance and visual harmony at home."

Marinos V.
''I always thought I was pretty good at keeping my home organized and in order. KV came into my life and made me realize I was wrong. She taught me many simple, every day, things that made my life at home easier and more attractive. Her good taste, her perspective, her flair for small changes that add up to the big ones are really special. What I loved is that my space, after KV’s interventions, became a warm, welcoming home. That is KV’s talent: she can combine harmony and cosiness to suit everyone’s personal style”.

Sales Manager